Multi-layered arrays: microwave photonic band-gap structures

We investigate the electromagnetic properties of multi-layered structures, where each layer is a doubly periodic array of metallic elements. The interference in the multi-layered array system, due to multiple reflections of waves between the layers, combined with the resonance properties of single layers leads the structure to acquire properties analogous to those of the photonic band gap materials in optic. These structures can find practical applications in high-quality polarization-selective filters.

For instance let us demonstrate some results obtained jointly with France, Finish and Russian groups [1].

Array of C-shaped strip particles is shown in the right Figure. Array parameters are a=1.25 mm, f =10 degrees, 2w=0.1 mm, both periods are equal to 3.0 mm, substrate permittivity is 3.0 and substrate thickness equal to 0.25 mm.

Layered structure has distance between layers 2.25 mm.

Band frequency polarize sensitive resonance transmission properties of structure are demonstrated in the two Figures below.


[1] Zouhdi Said, Fourrier-Lamer Arlette, Prosvirnin S. L., Tretyakov S. A., Kharina T. G., Jallageas H., Polarization-sensitive microwave band gaps in array structures, Proc. SPIE Vol. 4467, 7/2001, pp. 256-264, Complex Mediums II: Beyond Linear Isotropic Dielectrics, Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Werner S. Weiglhofer; Ian J. Hodgkinson; Eds., 46-th Annual Meeting of SPIE, The Int. Symp. On Optical Science and Technology, July 29-31, 2001, San Diego, USA (Abstract).

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