Resonances of closed modes (or trapped modes, dark modes) in thin multi-element arrays of complex particles

Two-element arrays of strip particles are very thin structures which can possess extremely high quality factor reflection or transmission resonances due to the excitation of non-symmetric current mode. Because such current mode weakly couples with free space, these resonances are similar to resonances of closed modes in finite widening extension of single-mode waveguide. If elements of stretched lengths placed in one array cell are different from each other, very sharp transmission resonances can appear in the rejection frequency band.

One can expect to obtain more complex resonance frequency characteristics due to use of multi-element arrays.

Electron devices such as photo diodes and p-i-n diodes may be used for the array properties control. Due to switching diodes one can modify a geometry of array particle from one-element to two-element by connecting or disconnecting elements in complex particles of array.


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