Signal processing

We deal with the development of mathematical methods and algorithms for signal and image processing. Original approaches have been proposed to the evaluation of the fractal dimensions of signals [1, 2] aimed on the development of efficient methods of signals detection and recognition. Wavelet methods have been advanced for filtration and detailed characterization of signals and images [3, 4]. An efficient solution to the development of secure communication systems based on using nonsynchronized chaotic oscillations has been proposed [5].

Essential contributions have been made to the development and implementation of efficient, real time signal processing algorithms for target detection, classification, and recognition. These algorithms have been successfully implemented in various types of radars, including SAR, ground and airborne surveillance and tracking radars, meteorological radars.

The theoretical studies are accompanied by the development of DSP and FPGA based digital receivers and other signal processing hardware for radar, astronomy and other applications [6, 7].

Fig.1 Dynamical spectrum of a sound signal (top figure) and the masked signal [5]


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