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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. A.S. Kupriianov, V.R. Tuz, V.I. Shcherbinin, A. Trubin and V.I. Fesenko: All-dielectric Vogel metasurface antennas with bidirectional radiation pattern, Journal of Optics, Vol. 22, #3, pp.1-8 (2020)

2. V.I. Shcherbinin, V.I. Fesenko, T.I. Tkachova and V.R. Tuz: Superscattering from subwavelength corrugated cylinders, Phys. Rev. Applied, Vol. 13, pp.1-12 (2020)

3. V.A. Buts, V.V. Kuzmin and A.P. Tolstoluzhsky: New Cyclotron Resonances,, pp.1-12 (2020)

4. V.R. Tuz and V.I. Fesenko: Magnetically induced topological transitions of hyperbolic dispersion in biaxial gyrotropic media, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 128, #1, pp.013107 (2020)

5. V.A. Buts, V.V. Kuzmin and A.P. Tolstoluzhsky: Acceleration of Particles by Intensive Electromagnetic Fields in aa Vacuum with External Magnetic Field, Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, #3-127, pp.73-77 (2020)

6. V.M. Kontorovich: Why do the microstructures of the main pulse and the interpulse of the pulsar in the Crab nebula differ so dramatically?, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 202, #3, pp.390-398 (2020)

7. V.M. Kontorovich: On the phase transition of He II to He I in the presence of macroscopic motion, Low Temperature Physics, Vol. 46, #5, pp.578-583 (2020) (in Russian)

8. V.V. Vasiliev, L.A. Godunok, V.A. Volkov, S.V. Melnichuk, S.V. Derkach and A.V. Somov: On Design of Adaptive System of Mutual Measurements for Autonomous Rendezvous of Space Vehicles with Non-Cooperative Targets, Space Science and Technology, Vol. 26, #3, pp.42-52 (2020) (in Russian)

9. A. Trubin, A.S. Kupriianov, V.I. Fesenko and V.R. Tuz: Coupling coefficients for dielectric cuboids located in free space, Applied Optics, Vol. 59, #23, pp.1-7 (2020)

10. O.O. Bondar: Predictive Neural Network in Multipurpose Self-Tuning Controller, Acta Mechanica et Automatica, Vol. 14, #2, pp.114-120 (2020)

11. V.A. Buts: Features of the dynamics of systems with a large number of oscillators, Physical Bases of Instrumentation, Vol. 9, #1-35, pp.64-70 (2020) (in Russian)

12. V.A. Buts and D.V. Tarasov: About Conditions of Wave Interaction, Physical Bases of Instrumentation, Vol. 9, #2-36, pp.82-90 (2020) (in Russian)

Presentations on International Meetings

13. V.A. Volkov, D.M. Vavriv, V.V. Vinogradov, E.V. Bulakh, A.A. Kravtsov and V. Ksenofontov: A High Power Compact X-Band RF Front-End for Weather Radar Applications, in Proc. of 2020 IEEE International Radar Conference, April 28 - 30, 2020, Washington, USA, pp.778-781 (2020)

14. V.G. Galushko: On Application of Taper Windows for Sidelobe Suppression in LFM Pulse Compression, 2020 IEEE 10th International Kharkiv Symposium on Physics and Engineering of Microwaves, Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves (MSMW), Kharkiv, Ukraine, September 21 - 25, pp.995-1001 (2020)