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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. O.O. Bezvesilniy, I.M. Gorovyi, S.V. Sosnytskiy, V.V. Vinogradov and D.M. Vavriv: SAR Processing Algorithm with Built-In Geometric Correction, Radiofizika i Radioastronomia, Vol. 16, #1, pp.98-108 (2011)

2. S.S. Sekretarov and D.M. Vavriv: Slotted Waveguide Antennas for Modern Radar Systems, Modern electronics Achievements. Foreign Electronics, #3, pp.45-53 (2011) (in Russian)

3. E. Kenig, Yu.A. Tsarin and R. Lifshitz: Homoclinic orbits and chaos in a pair of parametrically driven coupled nonlinear resonators, Phys. Rev. E, Vol. 84, #1, pp.016212 (2011)

4. O.O. Bezvesilniy, D.M. Vavriv, V.V. Vinogradov, V.A. Volkov, R.V. Kozhin and S.S. Sekretarov: Multi-look synthetic aperture radar, Izvestiya VUZov. Radioelektronika (Kiev), Vol. 54, #10, pp.11-18 (2011) (in Russian)

5. V.A. Volkov, E.V. Bulakh and K.P. Sirenko: A Multichannel Power Supply for High Power Magnetrons, Tehnika i pribory eksperimenta, Vol. 54, #3, pp.384-389 (2011) (in Russian)

6. O.O. Bezvesilniy, I.M. Gorovyi, V.V. Vinogradov and D.M. Vavriv: Multi-look radiometric correction of SAR images, Radiofizika i radioastronomiya, Vol. 16, #4, pp.424-432 (2011)

7. N.I. Avtomonov, V.D. Naumenko and A.N. Suvorov: Optimization of 8-mm magnetron magnetic system, Tekhnika i pribory SVCh, #2, pp.52-55 (2011) (in Russian)

Presentations on International Meetings

8. D.M. Vavriv and O.O. Bezvesilniy: Potential of Multi-Look SAR Processing, Proceedings of the 5th International conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies (RAST 2011), 9-11 June 2011, Istanbul, Turkey, pp.365-369 (2011)

9. D.M. Vavriv, O.O. Bezvesilniy, R.V. Kozhin, V.V. Vinogradov, V.A. Volkov and S.S. Sekretarov: SAR Systems for Light-Weight Aircrafts, Proceedings of the 2011 Microwaves, Radar and Remote Sensing Symposium (August 25-27, 2011, Kiev, Ukraine), pp.15-19 (2011)

10. O.O. Bezvesilniy, I.M. Gorovyi, V.V. Vinogradov and D.M. Vavriv: Range-Doppler Algorithm with Extended Number of Looks, Proceedings of the 2011 Microwaves, Radar and Remote Sensing Symposium (August 25-27, 2011, Kiev, Ukraine), pp.203-206 (2011)

11. D.M. Vavriv and O.O. Bezvesilniy: Developing SAR for Small Aircrafts in Ukraine, Proc. of the 2011 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2011), 5-10 June 2011, Baltimore, USA, pp.1-4 (2011)

12. D.M. Vavriv, K. Schuenemann, V.A. Volkov and A.V. Somov: High Power Sources for Terahertz Sensors, Proc. of the 6th Future Security Conference, Berlin, September 5-7 (2011)

13. S.S. Sekretarov, A.V. Somov and D.M. Vavriv: Large-aperture slotted-waveguide antenna arrays: development and fabrication advances, International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques, 20-23 September, Kyiv, Ukraine, pp.22-28 (2011)

14. V.D. Naumenko, A.N. Suvorov and A.E. Moiseenko: High-power 95 GHz pulsed magnetrons, Proceedings of the 21th Int. Crimean Conference Microwave & Telecommunication Technology (CriMiCo 2011). 12-16 September, Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine, pp.335-337 (2011) (in Russian)