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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. D.V. Shygimaga, D.M. Vavriv and V.V. Vinogradov: Chaos due to the interaction of high- and low-frequency modes. , IEEE Trans. CAS, Vol. 45, #12, pp.1255-1259 (1998)

2. L.M. Buzik, O.F. Pishko, S.A. Churilova and O.I. Sheremet: Analysis of dispersion characteristics of open multi-step slow-wave structures of finite length., Radiofizika i Radioastronomija, Vol. 3, #1, pp.99-104 (1998) (in Russian)

3. D.M. Vavriv and K. Schuenemann: Amplification regimes of the orotron: A single-resonator amplifier., Physical Review E, Vol. 57, #5, pp.5993-6007 (1998)

4. K. Schuenemann, A.E. Serebryannikov and D.M. Vavriv: Analysis of the complex natural frequency spectrum of the azimuthally periodic coaxial cavity., Microwave Opt. Tech. Lett., Vol. 17, #5, pp.308-313 (1998)

5. A.E. Serebryannikov, A.I. Nosich and D.M. Vavriv: Limiting parameters of groove modes of a magnetron-type cavity., Journ. of Electromagn. Waves Appl., Vol. 12, #9, pp.1203-1216 (1998)

6. V.V. Vinogradov and G.V. Litvinenko: Investigation of emissio thunder discharges using wavelet analysis technique., Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy, Vol. 3, #2, pp.198-203 (1998) (in Russian)

Presentations on International Meetings

7. V.D. Naumenko, K. Schuenemann, V.Ye. Semenuta, D.M. Vavriv and V.A. Volkov: MM-wave transmitters using magnetrons with cold secondary-emission cathode., Proc. of MSMW’98 Symposium. Kharkov, Ukraine, September 15-17, pp.76-81 (1998)

8. S.A. Churilova, D.M. Vavriv and K. Schuenemann: Clinotron operation at (sub-) millimeter waves: theory and experiments., Proc. of Displays and Vacuum Electronics, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, April 29-30, pp.465-469 (1998)

9. S.A. Churilova, K. Schuenemann and D.M. Vavriv: Potentials of the clinotron for high-power high-frequency generation., Proc. of the 28th European Microwave Conference, Amsterdam, 6-8 October, pp.300-305 (1998)

10. A.E. Serebryannikov: Generalized method of natural oscillations applied to analysis of azimuthally-corrugated coaxial cavity., The 7th Int. Conf. on Math. Methods in Electromagn. Theory, Kharkov, Ukraine (1998)

11. A.E. Serebryannikov and A.V. Sova: Effect of load on characteristics of a magnetron cavity., The 3rd Kharkov Int. Symp. on Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves MSMW'98, Kharkov, Ukraine, pp.212-214 (1998)

12. A.M. Correig, M. Urquizu and V.B. Ryabov: The dynamics of microseism time series. , 26th General assembly of the European Seismological Comission, Tel Aviv, 23-28 August (1998)

13. V.V. Vinogradov and G.V. Litvinenko: Wavelet Analysis of the ELF Signatures of Global Thunderstorm Activity., VII-th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory (Kharkov, Ukraine), pp.285-288 (1998)

14. G.V. Litvinenko and V.V. Vinogradov: Wavelet analysis of the ELF radio noises produced by the lightning activity, (Abstract)., XXIII General Assembley of European Geophysical Society (Nice), pp.1018 (1998)