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Books and Book Chapters

1. D.M. Vavriv: Chaotic dynamics of weakly nonlinear systems., In: Chaos - The Interplay Between Stochastics and Deterministic Behaviour, Eds.: P.Garbaczewski, M.Wolf, A.Weron, Lecture Notes in Physics, Springer, Berlin, Vol. 457, pp.355-377 (1995)

Articles in Refereed Journals

2. D.M. Vavriv, A.V. Stepanov, V.V. Vinogradov and Yu.F. Yurovsky: 1/f processes in Solar emission., Kinemat. i Fizika Nebes. Tel, Vol. 11, #6, pp.34-41 (1995) (in Russian)

3. D.M. Vavriv and A.E. Serebryannikov: On analysis of magnetron oscillatory system., Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol. 40, #1, pp.97-101 (1995) (in Russian)

4. K.V. Avramov and A.E. Serebryannikov: Interpolative-iterative algorithm for numerical modeling of the problems of nonstationary electrodynamics., Izv. vuzov.- Radioelektronika, Vol. 38, #9, pp.3-11 (1995) (in Russian)

Presentations on International Meetings

5. D.M. Vavriv: Nonlinear Signal Processing: User's Point of View. , The Workshop "The Theory and Application of Nonlinear Time Series Analysis", Potsdam, Germany (1995)

6. D.M. Vavriv: Chaotic Dynamics of Weakly Nonlinear Systems., The 3-rd Tech. Conf. on Nonlinear Dynamics (Chaos) and Full Spectrum Processing, Mystic, USA (1995)

7. D.M. Vavriv and S.A. Sharapov: Induced saddle orbits and conditions for chaos onset., Proc. of the 13-th Int. Conf. on Noise in Physical Systems and 1/f Fluctuations, Lithuania, Palanga (1995)