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A Method for Measuring the Power of a High-Amplitude Pulsed-Modulated Microwave Signal for the ECR Plasma Heating
XVI International Workshop "Plasma Electronics and New Methods of Acceleration", September 5-6, NSC KIPT, Kharkiv, Ukraine (2023)

D.Yu. Zalesky, V.A. Buts and G.V. Sotnikov

This paper describes a technique for measuring the power of the microwave source of the "VOLNA" setup, designed to study the ECR of plasma. The purpose of this work was to increase the electric field strength in the plasma, leading to an increase in the number of ECR resonances, which in turn directly depends on the power of the microwave power source. The source of the microwave installation "VOLNA" is a microwave pulse magnetron MI-125 with a maximum power of 1 MW per operating at a frequency of 2.7 GHz with a duration of 2 us pulses with a pulse repetition rate of 1 Hz. To measure the total microwave power of 1 MW per pulse, an M3-13/1 calorimetric wattmeter was chosen, and for preliminary measurements, instead of a microwave power source, a "LUCH-58" microwave generator was used. As measurements of the Luch-58 microwave power with the M3-13/1 wattmeter showed, satisfactory measurement accuracy with an error of 10% can be achieved by increasing the average microwave power to 10-20 W by increasing the pulse repetition rate from the MI-125 magnetron from 1 Hz to 5-10 Hz.