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The Role of Higher Moments on the Distribution of Particles in the Space of Impulses at Cyclotron Resonances
XVI International Workshop "Plasma Electronics and New Methods of Acceleration", September 5-6, NSC KIPT, Kharkiv, Ukraine (2023)

V.A. Buts and V.V. Kuzmin

The results of the study of particle dynamics at cyclotron resonances are presented. The main attention is paid to finding the particle distribution function in the momentum space. The material is presented in two parts. In the first part, the conditions for the emergence of regimes with dynamic chaos are found. These are the conditions for the overlap of nonlinear resonances at sufficiently low field strengths. At high field strengths, this is the condition for the appearance of steps in particle dynamics. In the second part, the conditions are defined under which the values of higher moments can exceed the values of lower moments. It is shown that only even moments are nonzero. In this case, the generalized Fokker-Planck equation is constructed. The generalization consists in taking into account higher moments in this equation. The results of analytical and numerical studies of this generalized equation are presented.