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P.M. Kanilo

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Books and Book Chapters

1. D.M. Vavriv, P.M. Kanilo, V.I. Kazantsev, N.I. Rasyuk, A.V. Tymchik and K.V. Kostenko: Investigation of microwave plasma technology of ignition of lean coals at an experimental set-up., In: Improvement of turbine sets by methods of mathematical and physical modeling, Publisher: Institute of Mashing Building Problems, Kharkov, Vol. 1, pp.265-269 (2003) (in Russian)

Articles in Refereed Journals

2. P.M. Kanilo, D.M. Vavriv, V. Solovey, K.V. Kostenko, V.Ye. Kostuk and K. Schuenemann: Technology of firing low-grade coal in power plants without additional use of oil fuel or natiral gas, Journal of mechanical engineering, Vol. 10, #1, pp.91-98 (2007)

3. D.M. Vavriv, P.M. Kanilo, N.I. Rasyuk, A.V. Tymchik, V.N. Bormotov, K.V. Kostenko, A.V. Shevchenko, G.V. Solovyov, L.V. Shevtsova, S.A. Yermak and K. Schuenemann: Investigation of the coal dust combustion in the experimental microwave plasma burner, Promyshlennaya teplotekhnika, #2 (2007) (in Russian)

4. P.M. Kanilo, D.M. Vavriv, K. Schuenemann, V. Solovey, V.Ye. Kostuk and K.V. Kostenko: Alternative poor coals fiering technologies without black mineral oil or natural gas adding for heat power plants, Aerospace technic and technology, Vol. 36, #10, pp.82-90 (2006)

5. D.M. Vavriv, P.M. Kanilo and K. Schuenemann: "Investigation of pulverised coal at an experimental plasma burner", Problems of Machine Building, Vol. 8, #3, pp.79-86 (2005)

6. Yu.M. Matsevitiy, D.M. Vavriv, P.M. Kanilo, V.Ye. Kostuk and A.N. Kovalenko: "Investigation of the influence of flow tuning in a microwave-plasma burner on the elimination of pulverized-coal aero-mixture", Aerospace Engineering and Technology, Vol. 8, #24, pp.150-159 (2005)

7. P.M. Kanilo, V.I. Kazantsev, N.I. Rasyuk, K. Schuenemann and D.M. Vavriv: Microwave plasma combustion of coal., Fuel, Vol. 82, pp.187-193 (2003)

8. D.M. Vavriv, V.I. Kazantsev, P.M. Kanilo, A.I. Lebedyuk, A.V. Messerle, N.I. Rasyuk, A.V. Tymchik and K. Schuenemann: Usage of microwave energy for oil-free kindling and stabilization of combustion of lean coals., Proc. of Bauman State Technical University, Vol. 50, #1, pp.87-98 (2003)

9. D.M. Vavriv, V.I. Kazantsev, P.M. Kanilo, M.M. Levin, N.I. Rasyuk, K. Schuenemann, S.V. Gritsaenko and A.V. Tymchik: Microwave plasma technology of coal combustion., Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy, Vol. 7, #1, pp.88-96 (2002) (in Russian)

10. V.I. Kazantsev, D.M. Vavriv, P.M. Kanilo, N.I. Rasyuk, K. Schuenemann, S.V. Gritsaenko, A.V. Tymchik and A.V. Messerle: Study of microwave plasma technology of combustion of low-grade coals., Teploenergetika, #2, pp.39-45 (2002) (in Russian)

11. D.M. Vavriv, P.M. Kanilo, V.I. Kazantsev, N.I. Rasyuk, A.V. Tymchik, K.V. Kostenko, S.V. Gritsaenko and V.I. Khomenko: Microwave plasma technology for burning low-rank coals., Bulletin of National Technical University KhPI, Scientific Proceedings, Kharkov, #3, pp.21-24 (2001) (in Russian)

12. P.M. Kanilo, N.I. Rasyuk, D.M. Vavriv, K.V. Kostenko, B.L. Kossko and A.V. Tymchik: Experimental set for the study of microwave technologies of high-ash coals combustion., Eco-technologies and Resource Saving, Vol. 1, pp.78-81 (2001) (in Russian)

Presentations on International Meetings

13. D.M. Vavriv, P.M. Kanilo, V.I. Kazantsev, N.I. Rasyuk and K. Schuenemann: Microwave Plasma Technology of Coal Ignition and Combustion., Conference Abstracts of the 30th IEEE Conference on Plasma Science, June 2-5, Jeju, Korea, pp.448 (2003)