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P.V. Usik

Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, 4 Krasnoznamennaya St., Kharkov 61002 Ukraine

12 Publications

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Articles in Refereed Journals

1. A.E. Serebryannikov, E. Colak, A. Petrov, P.V. Usik and E. Ozbay: Multifrequency spatial filtering: A general property of two-dimensional photonic crystals, Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications, Vol. 18, pp.1-9 (2016)

2. E. Colak, A.E. Serebryannikov, P.V. Usik and E. Ozbay: Diffraction inspired unidirectional and bidirectional beam splitting in defect-containing photonic structures without interface corrugations, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 119, pp.193108.1-9 (2016)

3. V.V. Vinogradov, V.A. Volkov, S.V. Sosnytskiy, D.M. Vavriv, O.Y. Vasilyev, E.V. Bulakh, P.V. Usik and A.I. Kuzin: Wideband Digital Receiver/Pulse Analyzer, Radiofizika i Radioastronomia, Vol. 20, #2, pp.168-179 (2015) (in Russian)

4. A.E. Serebryannikov, E. Ozbay and P.V. Usik: Defect-Mode-Like Transmission and Localization of Light in Photonic Crystals without Defects, Physical Review B., Vol. 82, #16, pp.1-7 (2010)

5. P.V. Usik, A.E. Serebryannikov and E. Ozbay: Spatial and spatial-frequency filtering using one-dimensional graded-index lattices with defects , Optics communications, Vol. 282, #23, pp.4490-4496 (2009)

6. A.E. Serebryannikov, P.V. Usik and E. Ozbay: Non-ideal cloaking based on Fabry-Perot resonances in single-layer high-index dielectric shells, Optics Express, Vol. 17, #19, pp.16869-1687 (2009)

7. V.B. Ryabov, P.V. Usik and D.M. Vavriv: Chaotic masking without synchronization., International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos, Vol. 9, #6, pp.1181-11 (1999)

8. V.G. Sugak and P.V. Usik: Experimental estimation of the potential of the pulse-pair method for spectral investigations of radar returns., Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy, Vol. 4, #4, pp.323-330 (1999) (in Russian)

9. V.B. Ryabov, A.V. Stepanov, P.V. Usik, V.V. Vinogradov, D.M. Vavriv and Yu.F. Yurovsky: From chaotic to 1/f processes in solar mcw-bursts., Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 324, pp.750-762 (1997)

10. D.M. Vavriv, L.N. Litvinenko, V.B. Ryabov, A.V. Stepanov, P.V. Usik and Yu.F. Yurovsky: Dynamical structure of the microwave emission of Solar flares., Dopovidi Akademii Nauk Ukr. Ser. A., #7, pp.75-78 (1992) (in Russian)

Presentations on International Meetings

11. V.B. Ryabov, P.V. Usik and D.M. Vavriv: Chaotic encoding of information without synchronization., AIP Conference Proceding, #411 of the Int. Conf. “Applied Nonlinear Dynamics and Stochastic Systems near the Millennium”, USA, pp.329-334 (1997)

12. D.M. Vavriv, V.B. Ryabov and P.V. Usik: Correlation Dimension and Information Processing, Proceedings of the XVII Interdisciplinary Scientific and Technical Conference, pp.26-28 (1992) (in Russian)