Data acquisition and processing system for searching and tracking radars

The system is based on a DSP developer kit produced by SET Ltd company, which contains Xylinx's FPGA of Virtex1000E type, DSP TI320C6202, PCI interface, and a triple-channel analog-to-digital converter. The system performs the following functions:

  • Clock transmitter and receiver units,
  • Analog-to-digital conversion of received signals,
  • Digital quadrature demodulation of received signals,
  • Automatic gain control and equalization of the amplitude and phase characteristics of the receiver channels,
  • Coherent averaging of received signals based on FFT with the length of 16, 32, 64 points,
  • Clutter suppression by using IIR filter of a six order in each gate,
  • Production of control signals for handling antenna steering mechanism to provide scanning, target detection, and target tracking modes,
  • Production of data for radar image displaying, including mapping.


The system provides executing of these functions in real time with the following parameters:

Pulse repetition frequency 1...10 kHz
Number of gates 5000
Pulse duration 0.3...1 msec
ADC Resolution 12 bits
Sampling rate up to 70 MHz
Number of digital receiver channels 3