Elevation over Azimuth Positioner

Dual Axis Antenna Positioner EA-020M is a highly accurate and cost-effective elevation over azimuth positioner capable of supporting small to mid-range antenna sizes.

Elevation over Azimuth Positioning System: Consist of the Two-Axis Positioner EA-020M, control program and cables required for power and control of the positioner.

Positioner provides 360° of continue motion in the azimuth axis and from  -10° to +90° in the elevation axis.

Designed for reliable operation in rugged, deployed outdoor environments.

The control computer can be remotely located to facilitate integration with customers system.

Can be controlled remotely via Ethernet or directly from radar using simple, well defined interface.

Positioner include Slip-Ring with 1Gb Ethernet and power circuits to 10A.




  • Elevation Over Azimuth axes configuration
  • Brushless motor and planetary gear assembly
  • Can be controlled directly from radar
  • Robust, reliable and environmentally durable.
  • Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Maximum Payload  100 kg
Delivered Torque  Azimuth 100 Nm
Delivered Torque  Elevation 100 Nm
Peak Torque  Azimuth 280 Nm
Peak Torque  Elevation 280 Nm
Peak Velocity  90°/sec
Peak Acceleration  200°/sec2
Backlash Azimuth ≤ 0.07 deg
Backlash Elevation ± 0.1 deg
Data Take-off Accuracy  ± 0.01 deg
Azimuth N x 360°
Elevation -10° up to +90°
Motor Type Brushless
Power Supply 220 VAC @ 50 Hz
Positioner Power Consumption* ≤ 310 W (depends on load)
Weight 94 kg
Communication Ethernet
Operational Safety Over-current limit, voltage and temperature protection and electrical limit switch.
Slip-Ring (Azimuth) 1Gb Ethernet & Power circuits to 10A
* - Positioner include 1kW power supply AC-DC converter 220V to 48V for the users applications.


Environmental Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Operational Temperature -40°C to 50°C
Relative humidity 0 to 100% @ 25°C (including condensation)
Wind presure 580N for 0.5m dish size
Salt sea atmosphere, sand, dust, solar radiation, vibration & shock Suitable for outdoor, ground-mobile applications, operating under environmental conditions encountered in coastal regions