A High Power Compact X-Band RF Front-End

A high-power compact RF front-end benefits from a novel high efficiency GaN SSPA with 900 W peak power, a low noise receiver, and a low noise fast switching local oscillator. Circuits for accurate calibration of both the transmit and receive channels are provided. The front-end hardware is fitted into a standard 19”, 4U enclosure.



  • High both peak and average output power
  • All solid state design
  • High sensitivity
  • High dynamic range
  • Low noise local oscillator allowing accurate spectral measurements
  • Decent calibration and self-test capabilities
  • Compact, low weight design allowing development of portable systems
  • Proved value for practical applications

Front-End Essential Parameters

Frequency Range 9200 … 9600 MHz
Peak Output Power > 900 W
Pulse Duration 0.1 … 100 μs
Maximum Duty Cycle 10%
Maximum PRF 50 kHz
Total Noise Figure < 3.3 dB
Input 1-dB Compression Point STC On/Off -10 dBm /-29 dBm
LO Phase noise profile

< -105dBc/Hz@1kHz offset

< -110dBc/Hz@10kHz offset

< -120dBc/Hz@100kHz offset

SNR of power spectrum of received signals up to 85 dB
LO Frequency Step / Switching Speed 20 MHz / < 7 μsec over full frequency range
Calibration capabilities Built-in noise source Direct noise figure measurement Loopback test capability


Front-End Block Diagram


Novel SSPA GaN Power Amplifier



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