Ka-band Doppler Polarimetric Scanning Radar (MRIAN-Ka-C-S-0.5)

The MRIAN-Ka-C-S-0.5 is a multipurpose system that can be used as meteorological radar, or as air, surface, and maritime surveillance radar. It is designed for long life time, unattended operation at unmanned sites. The radar enables for real-time remote control, monitoring, diagnostics, and access to measured data. Continuous automatic calibration of the radar sensitivity is introduced.  

Ka-band Compact Radar

The MRIAN-Ka-C-S-0.5 is intended for volumetric or surface observations, real-time measurements, imaging, and storing of

  • Radar reflectivity profiles at co- and cross-polarizations,
  • Radial mean velocity profiles at co- and cross-polarizations,
  • Velocity variance at co- and cross-polarizations,
  • Doppler spectrum at co- and cross-polarizations,
  • Linear depolarization ratio (LDR),
  • Detection of targets and measurement of their characteristics (RCS, coordinates, velocity)

Technical parameters of the radars

Frequency, GHz 34.8 +/- 0.15
Peak Power (max), kW 2.5
Transmitter Type Cold-Cathode Magnetron with Solid-State Modulator
Pulse Width, nsec 100, 200, and 400
Pulse Repetition Frequency, kHz 2...10
Receiver Noise Figure, dB 3.5
ADC Sampling Rate, MHz 125
Total Receiver Instantaneous Dynamical Range, dB 90
Doppler Processing Noise Floor at 5km, dBc/Hz <-60
ADC Resolution, bit 16
Type of Bus for the Signal Processing Board PCI 64bit
Operation System of the Host Computer Linux
Network Protocol TCP/IP
Antenna Diameter, m 0.5
Antenna Gain, dB 43
Antenna Pattern Sidelobe Level, dB -20
Antenna Scanning Range in Azimuth, deg 0...360
Antenna Scanning Range in Elevation, deg -5...90
Antenna Scanning Rate in Azimuth and Elevation (max), deg/s 60
Accuracy of the Antenna Beam Positioning, deg 0.2
Supply Voltage, V AC 1 phase 230+10%-15%,50Hz
Power Consumption (max): 400 W
Operation Temperature Range, Co -40  to +50

Measurement characteristics of the radar

Minimum Height, m 100
Measuring Range (max), km 60
Range Resolution, m 15, 30, and 60
Doppler Velocity Resolution, m/sec 0.1
Maximum Unambiguous Velocity, m/sec ±20
Sensitivity at 5 km (Integration Time 0.1 sec.), dBz -35
Calibration System Accuracy, dB ±0.5
Number of Gates (max) 1024
Number of Averaging Spectra 1 - 32768
FFT Length 128, 256, 512, and 1024
Number of Gates with Simultaneous Stored Raw Data 1000
Minimum Dwell Time, sec 0.025
Data Stream on HDD, MByte/sec 40
Antenna Beam Width, deg 1.8 x 1.8
Polarization Isolation, dB -40