Compact signal generators for X- Ku and Ka- bands

Series of compact, light weight and cost efficient HSG signal generators is developed as the source of microwave power for field testing of antennas and other microwave equipment. The device is available for X-, Ku- and Ka- frequency bands with the same design and operational functionalities.

Key features of the device are listed below:

  • Suitable for long-term unattended operation in both laboratory and field conditions.
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Flexible power feed conditions from DC 8 .. 33 V including battery sources
  • Wide operating frequency range
  • Wide range of signal level control
  • Embedded amplitude modulation (AM) of output signal
  • The device features can be controlled by both built-in keypad and remote computer via wireless ZigBee interface (optional)
  • Built-in indication of the operating mode via OLED indicator
  • Rain protection

Specifications of the generators are presented in the table below:

Parameter Value


Frequency range, GHz 8 .. 9.5 16 .. 19 34.5 .. 37.5
Frequency step, MHz 2 5 10
Output power, dBm >50 >50 >10
Output power regulation, dB 0.5
Modulation Amplitude / square / 0.4 .. 400 kHz
Power supply, DC V 8 .. 33
Power consumption, W 7
RF interface SMA SMA WR-28
Local user control interface Keypad + OLED display
Remote user control interface (optional) ZigBee wireless >500m with RIAN TransCP software
Dimensions, mm 150×100×50
Weight, kg <0.5
Operating temperature, °C -20 .. +50


Optionally the device can be equipped with remote control interface realized via ZigBee technology. Remote control is highly useful for high gain antenna measurements and tuning, when far-field distance is hundred meters and above.