Multi-channel 15kW magnetron HV power supply

The power supply is characterized by the following:

  • Possibility to supply up to 3 magnetrons simultaneously with a separate and independent set of operational parameters for each magnetron. Magnetrons of different types can be supplied at the same time
  • Output power up to 5 kW DC for each channel
  • Direct magnetron connection – no additional units required
  • Modular extendable design. Each channel is an almost self-contained unit including the most part of circuitry required to drive a magnetron. A unit, which is common for all channels comprises of mains related circuitry and a controller to provide remote control and diagnostics. A number of output channels can be increased if needed by introducing minor changes
  • Full compatibility with 19” environment
  • Availability of both local and remote control and diagnostics options. The power supply can be controlled remotely via Ethernet
  • Utilization of an advanced resonant topology in high voltage and filament switching mode inverters. The approaches used provide a reliable operation of the power supply in a rugged industrial environment
  • Extended capabilities to provide the utmost safety of magnetron operation. The power supply is featured inter alia by an automatic procedure of filament regulation depending on magnetron current; overvoltage and overcurrent protection; voltage or current mode of regulation with smooth cross-over
  • Possibility to process signals from external sensors. Both analogue and logic level signals are acceptable. Typical applications include: (i) VSWR and arc protection; (ii) temperature monitoring; (iii) output RF power measurement; (iv) measurement of water pressure etc. Depending on these signals it is possible to implement sophisticated algorithms of magnetron operation to accept adaptively volatile circumstance
  • Extended capabilities to monitor parameters of mains. Since the power supply consumes a rather considerable current and operates in an industrial environment as well as magnetron is a volatile load fundamentally it is important to provide continuous monitoring of parameters of the primary mains including a power factor and a phase balance. Such monitoring improves significantly a reliability of the power supply

The hardware configuration of power supply includes three independent double channel DC/DC converters – to supply anode and filament circuitry of a magnetron respectively along with related control circuitry and a common for all converters rectifier and a controller for remote control and diagnostic as depicted in the figure below.

Outline of power supply Fig. 1. Hardware configuration of power supply

The outline of power supply is depicted in the photo below

Outline of power supply Outline of power supply
Fig. 2. Outline of power supply

Parameters of power supply

Number of channels 3
Output parameters for each channel:
  • Anode voltage, V (max)
  • Anode current, mA (max)
  • Filament voltage (DC), V
  • 5100
  • 1000
  • 3-5
Regulation mode Voltage or Current
Regulation range, % 5 ... 100
Interface for external sensors Analogue
  • Number of inputs
  • Input voltage range, V
  • Input resistance, kOhm
  • 5
  • 0 … 2.5
  • 100
Power consumption, W 16500
Primary power supply 3-phase, 480 ± 10% VAC, 60Hz