Surveillance Radar Х1-М «OKO»

Radar appearence

Areas of Applications

  • Detection of ground or maritime targets in clutter environment,
  • Detection of UAVs at low heights,
  • Measurement of 2D coordinates (range, azimuth) of targets, RCS, radial velocity, and Doppler spectrum moments.


  • Detection of slowly moving targets with a low RCS on a strong clutter background,
  • Radar can be mounted on a mobile platform (car, track, trailer etc.),
  • Integration of radar data with standard geographic information systems,
  • Industry-standard communication interface,
  • Autonomous, all-weather, long-term operation.

Radar Sensitivity

Targets and typical RCS Detection range with SNR>15dB
UAV, 0.01 m2 7 km
Person, 0.5 m2 18 km
Car, airplane, 1 m2 25 km


Technical Specifications

Parameter Value Parameter Value
Instrumental range 0.3 … 30 km
Antenna type Slotted waveguide antenna
Peak power 30 W
Elevation beam width 20° (fixed)
Antenna gain 29 dB
Antenn azimuth scanning range 0 ... 360°
Antenna scan rate 90°/s (max)
Azimuth measurement accuracy
Range measurement accuracy 5 m
Radial velocity measurement accuracy 0.1 m/s
Min. detectable radial velocity 0.2 m/s
Coordinate systems WGS-84 and polar
Maximum wind speed 10, Beaufort scale
Dimensions 1.2х0.5х0.75 m3
Weight 65 kg
Power consumption 300 W (max)


Radar during field tests


Radar software Radar user display